"[A]lthough there are many private and public databases that contain information potentially relevant to
counterterrism programs, they lack the necessary context definitions (i.e., metadata) and access tools to
enable interoperation with other databases and the extraction of meaningful and timely information."
-- National Research Council (2002)

About COIN

Context Mediation technology addresses the important problem of data interpretation and deals directly with the integration of heterogeneous contexts (i.e. data meaning) in a flexible, scalable and extensible environment.  The Context Interchange (COIN) System provides tools for representing, processing, and reconciling heterogeneous data semantics. COIN can be used to solve a spectrum of data semantics problems, including representational, ontological and temporal semantics.  These capabilities have been demonstrated in a number of application domains (see DEMO page), such as financial services, online shopping, disaster relief efforts, corporate house holding knowledge engineering, and larger applications built by combining existing ones (e.g., combine an airfare aggregator and a car rental shopper into a travel planner). 

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